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Community Guidelines

Straight Bargains goal is to make shopping for you easy and exciting. Part of that mission is providing transparency and making our customers feel confident in their decision to shop with us. So how do we do that?  We achieve our goal by making YOU, our prized customers, part of a supportive community of shoppers whose honest, thoughtful perspectives help other customers make purchases they can be confident about.

What someone chooses to purchase is incredibly personal. We believe in the power of your words in order to help fellow shoppers and businesses make the smartest choices. We encourage our customers to leave a detailed review on our website or social channels. Sharing your genuine, original experiences is integral to strengthening the community that keeps our customers coming back for more wonderful shopping experiences.

Help us continue to foster a supportive, trustworthy community by following the community guidelines below.

  • Be authentic. When it comes to leaving feedback, honesty is the best policy. Customers want to hear the good and the not-so-good. Your real, unbiased opinions make for the most helpful and reliable information. When reviewing or posting, go ahead and put all of your cards on the table!
  • Be thorough. The more details you provide, the better. For example, providing product specifics such as size and color helps to achieve customer satisfaction & transparency. How does it look in your space? Has it held up well over time? Be as comprehensive as you can be. Think about what YOU value when reading customer reviews or social posts – return the favor!
  • Be respectful. Think before you write. Any posts containing offensive, harmful, or inappropriate content will be removed. Let’s continue to champion a safe, welcoming, and inspiring community.

We thank you for putting thought into your reviews.

You are the reason we at “Straight Bargains,” can continue to offer the best prices for all of our customers, businesses, and partners – especially you!



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