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How To Improve Product Listing Page Optimization

Let’s talk about the importance of perfecting your product listing page or (PLP) for short. Here, we will break down the basics to help boost your SEO, increase customer engagement, and improve your conversion rate.

The first step in optimizing your listings is by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think like the consumer – Consider what YOU look for when shopping online. Take note of the PROS and CONS you’ve encountered shopping online and utilize them to your advantage.

When setting up your (PLP), utilize your main keyboards to improve search engine rankings by creating a list of preferred keywords and incorporating them into your title and bullet points. This is a proven method used by the biggest brands worldwide.

Keep your listings simple, organized, and functional with features that make the shopping process as smooth and painless as possible. Provide an appropriate and substantial amount of content for your listing, but avoid cramming irrelevant details in the eCommerce PLP page to avoid overwhelming customers. Ensure that each product is clearly visible with the price, accurate descriptions, relevant keywords, and unique selling points.

A good product listing page provides transparency and highlights the features, uses, and benefits of the product. For example, when listing features, look for terms that are specific to the features of your product such as “cordless, Bluetooth enabled, wireless etc.” When considering the benefits, think about what sets Bluetooth headphones apart from corded headphones. Ex: The cordless features makes taking them on and off a seamless experience by also providing the ability to directly connect to Bluetooth devices without any plugs or hassle. 

Using a filter and sorting menu can help customers find what they are looking for easily. Filter menus refine searches by attributes, like pricing, color, style, availability, size, and more. The sorting menu presents different options for organizing products using a dropdown menu, including “Price: Low to High,” “Newest,” or “Rating: High to Low”.

Recommending popular products or others within the same category and tags, present customers with products that are relevant to what they are viewing. Hint: Lead to more clicks and conversions by taking note of best selling seasonal items to add specificity and relevance.

Key Elements of a (PLP)
  • Product Title: Include the most important information — the information you would want to see if you were searching for your product… Think brand, model, size, quantity, colors etc.
  • Product Images: For the main image, use a white background, fill at least 80% of the frame, and use at least 1000×1000 pixels for zoom capability. The rest of the images should show the product from different angles, show the product being used, and include an image of the packaging. For all images, use standard image formats;  we recommend using JPEG or PNG.  A good rule of thumb is to have the extension of your filename match with the file type.
  • Product Description: Use keywords and short, focused bullet points. Include additional benefits/features and highlight uses.
  • Category: What is the product called? Computer? Desk? Headphones? We recommend using the Shopify Taxonomy to categorize your product accurately. Simply start with the main product type and see what option is the best fit. Due to the intricacy of the many options provided within the taxonomy, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact category a product fits into. Feel free to reach out to us and we will guide you in finding the most accurate category for your product. 

Remember to measure the impact of your optimizations. For example, did changing those title and description tags improve traffic from search engines?


Test out your optimization method by using the following tools: or After filling out a short form, you will receive an interactive report. This report analyzes your data and helps to improve your business and boost sales. 



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