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    ECO3 G15-E 1,500 Gallon Replacement Filter Cartridge (ICF-4139)

    • Removes chlorine, lead, odor, taste and sediment
    • A greener solution for water filtration through our innovative and patented “dry swap” hygienic cartridge design. This means you only need to replace the cartridge – not the entire filter assembly
    • 1,500 gallon filter with a flow rate of 0.55 gallons per minute. Outperforms other systems that require replacement after only 6 months
    • Specifically designed to address high silt or silt content in the water supply, using a unique depth filtration membrane that captures and protects the carbon block producing a filter that outperforms its competition
    • Integrated mounting bracket and auto shut-off valves to allow for a quick and dry filter cartridge replacement process
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